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Disney Anime Chief Calls for More 'Acceptable' Expressions in the Wider Market

2024-05-17 21:00:16.366000

In a recent article by CBR, Takuto Yahata, Disney's head of anime, discussed the need for more 'acceptable' expressions in the wider market to avoid offense [13958673]. Yahata acknowledged that Japanese storytelling remains constant, but emphasized the importance of considering expressions that do not hurt or mislead people. He believes that these expressions are necessary for anime to be seen by a larger audience, as the anime market has expanded beyond a small set of fans who buy physical media [13958673].

Yahata's comments have sparked a debate among anime fans. Some are concerned that catering to Western sensibilities may compromise the appeal of Japanese anime, while others argue that anime has always considered overseas reception and made changes to be appreciated by a global audience [13958673].

Yahata concludes by stating that the best storytelling is universal and can deliver equal excitement to all countries, regions, and generations. He believes that anime has the potential to be enjoyed by a wide range of people and that making expressions more acceptable is a way to achieve this goal [13958673].

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