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US Conspiracy Website Gateway Pundit Declares Bankruptcy Amid Lawsuits and Declining Traffic

2024-04-24 23:54:24.628000

The controversy surrounding X deepens as the platform faces a lawsuit against media watchdog group Media Matters. The lawsuit stems from a report that accused X of placing advertisements from major corporations next to neo-Nazi and white nationalist content. X claims that Media Matters manipulated the feed to produce the desired content and portrayed the ads appearing next to such content as typical. The report has led to an exodus of advertisers from X, including Apple, IBM, and Oracle. X's Chief Executive, Linda Yaccarino, has defended the platform, stating that no authentic user on X saw ads next to the controversial content. Elon Musk has threatened to file a lawsuit against Media Matters and anyone involved in the alleged fraudulent attack on X. Media Matters President and CEO, Angelo Carusone, has dismissed the lawsuit as frivolous and an attempt to silence critics of the platform [8487ab16].

Fox News has a long history of tolerating and promoting antisemitism on its network, according to a report by Media Matters for America. The report highlights instances where Fox News personalities and guests have trafficked in antisemitic rhetoric, excused the use of Nazi symbols, and trivialized the Holocaust and Nazism to attack Democrats, immigrants, and progressive groups. The network has also been accused of promoting conspiracy theories with antisemitic undertones and allowing guests and hosts to make false and derogatory statements about Jewish individuals and organizations. Fox News has faced criticism for whitewashing Hungary's antisemitic history and providing a platform for individuals with white nationalist and antisemitic backgrounds. The network has been sued for fostering a hostile work environment that includes antisemitic remarks and has been accused of downplaying instances of antisemitism. Advertisements for major companies have been placed next to pro-Nazi content on Fox News. Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch has praised the network's work on exposing antisemitism and emphasized the importance of addressing all forms of antisemitism [b9038d58].

Fox News has failed to adequately update its viewers after members of the “Guardian Angels” led by Curtis Sliwa assaulted a New Yorker on-camera after mistaking the man for a migrant and shoplifter. The incident occurred live on Sean Hannity’s prime-time show. Despite media reports and official statements by the authorities contradicting the network’s coverage, Fox News has yet to fully correct the record. In the original segment, Hannity interviewed Sliwa, who claimed his group had “just taken down one of the migrant guys right here on the corner, 42nd and 7th,” at which point Hannity’s cameraperson filmed the violent altercation. Later in the broadcast, Hannity returned to Sliwa, who claimed without evidence that the man “had been shoplifting first.” New York City officials later confirmed that the man was not a newly arrived migrant nor had he been caught shoplifting. Despite this new reporting, Fox News’ Dana Perino repeated the false information, saying that Sliwa’s vigilantes had “tackled a migrant from Venezuela” and repeated the claim the man had been “shoplifting.” Sliwa subsequently told The Associated Press that his group believed the man was a recent migrant because they’d heard him “speaking Spanish,” adding, “He was put down so he wouldn’t hurt himself or anyone else.” Fox News and other right-wing media outlets have recently perpetuated false narratives about migrants, a frequent pattern that emerges during election years [0f80a2a4].

For months, the right-wing media promoted claims from an “informant” to make their case against the Bidens. But after the informant was arrested for lying to the FBI, the Fox News primetime hosts were oddly silent [dd331bb2].

US far-right conspiracy website Gateway Pundit is filing for bankruptcy, its founder Jim Hoft announced. The parent company TGP Communications is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Florida due to a string of lawsuits alleging the promotion of misinformation related to the 2020 election. The Gateway Pundit rose to prominence by spreading conspiracy theories about various subjects, including mass shootings and Donald Trump's false claim of election fraud. The website is facing lawsuits from poll workers in Georgia and a former employee of Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion Voting Systems previously secured a $787.5 million settlement from Fox News over false claims. Defamation lawsuits are increasingly being used to hold misinformation spreaders accountable. Despite the bankruptcy, Hoft vows to continue publishing. Gateway Pundit has been known to regularly distort information and spread unfounded conspiracies, according to the US misinformation watchdog NewsGuard. The website's traffic has declined, contributing to its financial troubles. [29dc716e] [b9038d58]

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