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Tourists Crowd University of Hong Kong Entrance for Photos Following New Registration Rule

2024-05-02 09:06:36.209000

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has implemented a new registration rule that requires tourists to make a booking in order to visit the university between 8 am and 6.30 pm from Monday to Saturday. The rule was put in place to protect students, as an increasing number of visitors were coming to the school to take photos and sightsee. However, the implementation of this rule has led to a crowd of mainland tourists gathering at the entrance of HKU to take photos [2549232d].

Tourists were seen crowding the entrance of HKU, with some unaware of the new registration rule. Despite this, many expressed understanding of the need for the rule to protect the students. All available time slots for the next couple of days have already been taken, indicating the popularity of the university as a tourist destination [2549232d].

This development adds to the ongoing concerns about the balance between protecting the reputation of the university and ensuring the safety and privacy of students. The implementation of the registration rule reflects the university's efforts to address the issue of overcrowding and maintain a conducive learning environment for its students [2549232d] [6ebe1ff3].

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