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Controversy at NCA Annual Convention: Speech on Gaza Blocked and Apology Issued, NCAC Condemns Greek Foreign Minister's Censorship of NYC Artist

2023-12-21 19:53:47.046000

In a recent development, the National Communication Association (NCA) has issued an apology for the cancellation of a speech on Gaza by its president, Walid Afifi, during the association's 109th Annual Convention. The controversy arose when Afifi invited speakers, including Ahlam Muhtaseb, to write and deliver parts of his address. Muhtaseb had planned to use the words 'genocide' and 'free Palestine' in her speech. However, shortly before the address was scheduled to start, Afifi informed the speakers that the association would cancel the entire awards ceremony if Muhtaseb gave her part. All the speakers refused to participate, leading to the cancellation of the address. The NCA's Executive Committee has issued an apology to the speakers and expressed regret to its members for missing the opportunity to hear their peers' speeches. The committee is currently investigating the incident and plans to implement measures to prevent future violations of free speech and academic freedom. [4eaa23bc]

In a separate incident, the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) has raised concerns about the censorship of an exhibition at the Greek Consulate in New York. The artwork by New York-based artist Georgia Lale was removed on the order of Greece's Foreign Minister, George Gerapetritis. The censorship came after political criticism of one of Lale's works, which was claimed to 'mock' the Greek national flag by the leader of the nationalist, pro-Orthodoxy party Niki. NCAC has issued a statement condemning the censorship.

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