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EU Warns Media Platforms Can Be Fined for Spreading 'Disinformation' About Slovakian PM Shooting

2024-05-18 14:06:35.031000

In the run-up to the European Parliament elections next month, there's mounting concern that disinformation could sway the outcome. Fake videos and disinformation have been used in previous elections, and experts warn that some disinformation is bound to get through regardless. The European elections will be a test of the Digital Services Act (DSA), which holds platforms accountable for any disinformation they host. The DSA focuses on large platforms with more than 45 million monthly active users in the EU. The EU executive is now preparing to deploy the DSA specifically to safeguard next month's elections. However, there are limits to the EU's powers, as disinformation is often spread in local languages and tailored to historical and cultural specifics. The EU is working on a 'pedagogic' approach to combat disinformation, including continuous awareness-raising and education in media literacy. Technology could eventually solve the problems caused by disinformation, but developing these new technologies takes time. Platforms are still having difficulty identifying synthetic audio and video. The European elections will be held from 6 to 9 June.

The European Commission is warning that media platforms can be fined for spreading 'disinformation' regarding the assassination attempt on Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico. The EU's new Digital Services Act imposes tough rules on Big Tech and allows regulators to punish platforms that fail to stem fake news. The European Commission is actively monitoring the spread of fake news about the shooting and can impose fines on Big Tech platforms for failing to tackle disinformation. The Digital Services Act forces online platforms to implement measures to tackle illegal content and disinformation, uphold user rights, and protect user health and wellbeing. The act applies to platforms with more than 45 million monthly active users in Europe, including X, Meta Platforms Inc., and Alphabet Inc. The shooting was allegedly politically motivated due to Fico's criticism of pro-Ukrainian aid. Russian state media has claimed this as the reason behind the shooting. The article raises concerns about the potential censorship and control of information by the European Commission. [8cf28f80] [fa3ba0ce]

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