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Readers' Responses to Censorship in Schools: Amusement, Criticism, and Frustration

2024-05-07 16:16:02.851000
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Readers responded to the article 'Dictionaries on the Chopping Block' about censorship in schools. Some readers found it amusing that saucy words are often found and used by children. Others criticized the banning of dictionaries, calling it anti-education and ridiculous. The article also discusses the book 'The Monster at the End of this Book' and whether it tortures the character Grover. Some readers found it funny and relatable, while others thought it lacked compassion and raised issues of consent. Another reader shared their frustration with citizens weaponizing their ignorance to violate their rights. The article highlights different viewpoints on censorship and the impact it has on education. [21e1a4ac]

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