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China Attempts to Erase the History of the 2022 Protests

2024-05-17 05:02:15.487000

In a bid to erase the history of the protests that took place in 2022, China is engaging in extensive censorship efforts. The protests, which led to the abandonment of the 'Zero COVID' policy, were sparked by a fire in an 18-storey building in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, where Uyghur families resided. The tragedy shed light on the suffering of Uyghurs and triggered widespread demonstrations against the government's policy. While the Chinese government eventually abandoned the 'Zero COVID' policy, the protests have had a lasting impact and have inspired other movements in the country [4381cddc].

Filmmaker Chen Pinlin, who documented the protests, is currently being held in jail as part of the government's effort to erase all traces of the 2022 protests. Chen's documentary, titled 'Not the Foreign Force,' has been a particular target of the government's censorship campaign. The Chinese government is actively removing online content and images related to the protests in an attempt to control the narrative and prevent the protests from being remembered [4381cddc].

While it remains uncertain whether the protests in 2022 will lead to significant political change in China, they have demonstrated the potential for popular movements to challenge government policies and oppression. The government's attempts to erase the history of these protests further highlight the importance of preserving memory and challenging official narratives in China [4381cddc][deed2eb0].

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