[Tree] Accountability of public health officials and government misinformation

Version 0.11 (2024-05-27 04:53:58.218000)

updates: Collins' call for accountability of public health officials

Version 0.1 (2024-05-17 21:00:35.540000)

updates: Former NIH Director admits government's role in COVID misinformation

Version 0.09 (2024-05-09 00:02:18.616000)

updates: Integration of Dr. Scott Atlas's experience with censorship at Stanford and his call for academic freedom

Version 0.08 (2024-04-25 21:42:47.518000)

updates: The addition of information about a new documentary titled 'COVID Collateral' that explores collusion and censorship in pandemic policies

Version 0.07 (2024-04-11 15:18:10.103000)

updates: The story now includes information about an Ontario doctor fighting against censorship over COVID-19 posts

Version 0.06 (2023-11-22 15:55:59.911000)

updates: Scientists' statement challenges lockdown measures and faces backlash

Version 0.05 (2023-10-17 19:43:05.387000)

updates: Reveals concerns about economic impact and decision-making during the pandemic

Version 0.04 (2023-10-16 12:16:08.040000)

updates: The story provides a comprehensive overview of the economic impact of COVID-19

Version 0.03 (2023-10-16 02:52:45.337000)

updates: The story focuses on the financial losses caused by COVID-19

Version 0.02 (2023-10-11 11:41:37.108000)

updates: Incorporated additional information on deteriorating long-term performance, short-term risks, and long-term difficulties

Version 0.01 (2023-10-10 09:08:04.706000)

updates: The title has been modified to emphasize the resilience of the global economy

Version 0.0 (2023-10-09 16:10:31.319000)