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Independent Tamil Channels Successfully Restore Free Speech After Battle Against Censorship by MeitY-YouTube

2024-04-18 09:58:11.701000

In a recent exclusive report by Sabrang India, it is revealed that three independent Tamil channels, RootsTamil, Roots News 24X7, and TribesTamil, have successfully won their battle against censorship by MeitY-YouTube [f39925ef]. After being unilaterally pulled down by MeitY-YouTube in May 2023, the channels fought determinedly for their restoration, which was finally achieved in November of the same year. This battle exposed an alleged unholy nexus between YouTube, MeitY, and the Ministry of Home Affairs [f39925ef].

The channels were blocked and terminated, leading to a writ petition being filed in the Madras High Court to demand the restoration of their right to free speech. Eventually, the Madras HC stayed the censorship order, resulting in the channels being unblocked [f39925ef].

This case highlights the misuse of Section 69A of the IT Act and the lack of due process in blocking content. It sheds light on the challenges faced by independent voices in the digital space and the need for transparency and accountability in censorship decisions [f39925ef].

The detailed timeline of events can be found in the original article published by Sabrang India [f39925ef].

According to a recent article by The Times Hub, anthropologist Jean-Dominique Michel's video titled 'Should we boycott Youtube?' was quickly deleted by Youtube after its publication [e412c99a]. He published another video on censorship and the work of France-Soir, which was also deleted. France-Soir aims to preserve a space for intellectual debate. The article also mentions other news topics such as copyright infringement by The New York Times and Binance in France [e412c99a].

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