[Tree] Censorship, Independent Tamil channels, MeitY-YouTube, Youtube censorship

Version 0.09 (2024-04-18 09:58:11.701000)

updates: Inclusion of information about Jean-Dominique Michel's censored videos on Youtube

Version 0.08 (2024-02-13 14:31:06.761000)

updates: The Tamil channels successfully restore free speech after a 6-month battle against censorship

Version 0.07 (2024-02-13 14:30:23.658000)

updates: Three independent Tamil channels successfully win battle against censorship

Version 0.06 (2024-02-07 19:45:52.675000)

updates: YouTube CEO Neal Mohan vows to censor 'hate speech' and boost 'authoritative sources' in election news recommendations [ea6ec365]

Version 0.05 (2024-02-05 18:46:30.207000)

updates: New information about Pamela San Martín's call for increased election censorship

Version 0.04 (2024-01-21 18:45:59.380000)

updates: The World Economic Forum emphasizes the need to censor misinformation and disinformation in relation to the 2024 elections

Version 0.03 (2023-11-22 15:51:39.637000)

updates: Discussion on the dangers of censorship and the importance of free speech

Version 0.02 (2023-11-14 10:39:32.862000)

updates: Updated with recent developments on the clash between President Biden and Elon Musk, and the emergence of a censorship system

Version 0.01 (2023-11-12 03:17:00.944000)

updates: Advocacy against state-sponsored censorship

Version 0.0 (2023-11-12 03:16:34.626000)